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The decision to become a living organ donor is a big one, but in doing so you’re helping to give someone else a second chance at a more fulfilled life. In most situations, people become an organ donor to help out a family member and while these are most common, donations made to close friends and even complete strangers are becoming far more widespread.

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Our bodies can function normally with just one kidney. In fact, some people are born with only one kidney or with only a single functioning one and carry out normal lives. Your second kidney will adjust and compensate for the donated one quickly, allowing you to get back to your life knowing you’ve helped to change someone else’s.

Dialysis is a valuable treatment, but it’s only a temporary one. By donating a kidney, you can help someone young or old live out the rest of their lives in a more meaningful and fulfilled manner.

Finding compatible pairs of kidney transplant donors and kidney transplant seekers is often the most difficult part of the procedure. Our experienced team makes this process as easy for all parties involved and allows you the amazing opportunity to give someone the greatest gift of all.

Blood relatives are preferred in most situations, but many of those in need of a kidney do not have the benefit of a compatible family member. Luckily, kidney transplants between unrelated and sometimes anonymous pairs are becoming far more common and effective.

If you feel like you exemplify all of these qualities and are looking to help give someone a new lease on life, be sure to become a donor today.

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Becoming a living organ donor is crucial to our cause, as a kidney received from a living organ donor is far more likely to begin functioning immediately than an organ received as a deceased donation.


When people suffering from chronic kidney disease cannot find a compatible organ donor for the transplant, they end up with thousands of other names on a wait list. Do your part in helping out one of these people live out their lives without worrying about their kidney failing.


Maya Angelou once said, “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” Help bless someone else with the gift of life and become a kidney transplant donor today.

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